Wednesday, September 21

Pyrite Ore, Rainbow to Gold, or a Fool's Errand

Many of my fellow bloggers and gold makers are all discussing pyrite and if it is worth keeping or dumping after an interview with Greg Street AKA Ghostcrawler (Interview).

But is pyrite now a fool's errand? or is it still the rainbow ore with a pot of gold at the end of it?

Sunday, September 18

Let the trading begin...

So today sees a nice little exchange of posts, Nev from Ah Addict has given me a great little post for you guys and gals to read, where as you can find a post by myself over at another lovely lasses blog, Goldqueen's at

So sit back grab a drink and enjoy the adventure that can be had by checking out this post and the possibility of a little gold tip trial by checking out the ladies blogs aswell :D

Sunday, September 11

Routines, To-do lists and combining jobs.

Whether you have all day or a few hours to make gold, a basic routine can increase efficiency. This allows for more time to play the game away from just gold making (not that doing all gold making isn't fun sometimes :P). So how can I create a virtual, memorable to-do list and combine jobs within it?