Tuesday, June 21

Back2Basics! Conversions/Trade-ups Part 1

Troll b2b

Some ideas and methods are so fundamentally basic we neglect them or assume them redundant after more advanced ideas come along. However we sometimes need to return to these ideas and go "Back2Basics". Over the last week or two I have spent a lot of time looking at basic gold making ideas that don't take an army of alts, or a HUGE amount of time or Gold investment.

Thursday, June 16

Goldcast Round-up and Video Of the WEEK!

This week sees a lot of great new episodes of Goldcasts, and some changes to some of my favorites.

I'm gonna share the Goldcasts I listen to, aswell as My Video Of The Week

Without further ado....

Thursday, June 9

Understanding why people buy helps profit!

Learning your market is a great way to make profits grow, something most people know, and something that becomes second nature to gold makers.

However understanding the buyers within this market, and what makes a "Customer" buy a specific item can help identify new markets, as well as allowing you to see a market that is selling low, and open for consistent "Flipping"

Monday, June 6

Gimps Golden Addons: #2 Enchantrix Automation (Prospecting/Milling made easy..er)

Gimps Golden Addons: #2 Enchantrix Automation looks at making the life of a gold maker a little easier.

Although Jewlcrafting, Inscription and Enchanting can be some of the most profitable professions sometimes the milling/prospecting/disenchanting can be tedious and time consuming and Enchantrix makes life just that little bit easier.

Saturday, June 4

Gimps Golden...Addons! #1 Addon Overview

Hey Guys and Girls gonna hit the ground running with a nice Video series all about Addons! In this First Video gonna take a very brief and basic look at some of the Addons I use, and give a quick run on how to use Vendor scan!