Saturday, December 17

Glyphs....Inscription...HARD WORK!

Have you leveled Inscription?  Have you done the 79 (or thereabouts) days of Northrend and minor Glyph research to learn every glyph you can that way?  Have you purchased or farmed the 57 Books of Glyph Mastery?  Have you trained all 143 trainer glyphs and purchased the few you buy as a technique?  I have.  Those books, when you can find them are expensive.  Farming them is worse than the cost you might pay at the auction house.  I’ve endured a bit of metaphorical pain to know every glyph that’s out there.

Tuesday, November 22

Should we be looking forward or backwards?

So with all the news at blizzcon it seems everyone is looking at the new expansion "Mists Of Pandaria" and theorising to changes and possible gold making ideas, those not looking at MOP are looking at the next patch. But while everyone's looking forward, why not take a little look back, and make gold from the past....

Friday, November 11

Working together...

So as anyone who has read my earlier posts knows I love giving out a bit of link love to other bloggers and resources. But how has this helpped...

Wednesday, September 21

Pyrite Ore, Rainbow to Gold, or a Fool's Errand

Many of my fellow bloggers and gold makers are all discussing pyrite and if it is worth keeping or dumping after an interview with Greg Street AKA Ghostcrawler (Interview).

But is pyrite now a fool's errand? or is it still the rainbow ore with a pot of gold at the end of it?

Sunday, September 18

Let the trading begin...

So today sees a nice little exchange of posts, Nev from Ah Addict has given me a great little post for you guys and gals to read, where as you can find a post by myself over at another lovely lasses blog, Goldqueen's at

So sit back grab a drink and enjoy the adventure that can be had by checking out this post and the possibility of a little gold tip trial by checking out the ladies blogs aswell :D

Sunday, September 11

Routines, To-do lists and combining jobs.

Whether you have all day or a few hours to make gold, a basic routine can increase efficiency. This allows for more time to play the game away from just gold making (not that doing all gold making isn't fun sometimes :P). So how can I create a virtual, memorable to-do list and combine jobs within it?

Tuesday, August 30

Back2Basics: Vendor Trade-Ins

Some ideas and methods are so fundamentally basic we neglect them or assume them redundant after more advanced ideas come along. However we sometimes need to return to these ideas and go “Back2Basics

This time we look at items that can be traded-in via vendors for more profitable items.

Wednesday, July 6

Back2Basics: Part 2 Crafting Conversions - Enchanting

Betty Basic

Some ideas and methods are so fundamentally basic we neglect them or assume them redundant after more advanced ideas come along. However we sometimes need to return to these ideas and go Back2Basics 

So in Part 1 of Back2Basicswe spoke about "Conversions" and looked at the basic conversions of elementals and Essences, In Part 2 we are going to look at "Crafting Conversions"

Tuesday, June 21

Back2Basics! Conversions/Trade-ups Part 1

Troll b2b

Some ideas and methods are so fundamentally basic we neglect them or assume them redundant after more advanced ideas come along. However we sometimes need to return to these ideas and go "Back2Basics". Over the last week or two I have spent a lot of time looking at basic gold making ideas that don't take an army of alts, or a HUGE amount of time or Gold investment.

Thursday, June 16

Goldcast Round-up and Video Of the WEEK!

This week sees a lot of great new episodes of Goldcasts, and some changes to some of my favorites.

I'm gonna share the Goldcasts I listen to, aswell as My Video Of The Week

Without further ado....

Thursday, June 9

Understanding why people buy helps profit!

Learning your market is a great way to make profits grow, something most people know, and something that becomes second nature to gold makers.

However understanding the buyers within this market, and what makes a "Customer" buy a specific item can help identify new markets, as well as allowing you to see a market that is selling low, and open for consistent "Flipping"

Monday, June 6

Gimps Golden Addons: #2 Enchantrix Automation (Prospecting/Milling made

Gimps Golden Addons: #2 Enchantrix Automation looks at making the life of a gold maker a little easier.

Although Jewlcrafting, Inscription and Enchanting can be some of the most profitable professions sometimes the milling/prospecting/disenchanting can be tedious and time consuming and Enchantrix makes life just that little bit easier.

Saturday, June 4

Gimps Golden...Addons! #1 Addon Overview

Hey Guys and Girls gonna hit the ground running with a nice Video series all about Addons! In this First Video gonna take a very brief and basic look at some of the Addons I use, and give a quick run on how to use Vendor scan!

Wednesday, May 25

A week in Gold, Video of the week #2 - Its all a gone Gimp

Hello Fellow gold lovers, its Wednesday and therefore means its time for this weeks Round up of Gold-casts and Videos, I warn you this week seems very Gimp :P

This weeks videos will be added to the Video Page later today on the site Gimps Golden Adventure. As always if you see a great video for gold making, or you make one then comment here, tell me on twitter @Gimpsgold or Email me via my Contacts Page.

Without Further ado here are the links...

Friday, May 20

Play Time, Market Type and You!

Do you have all day to play WoW? Or just twenty mins before work and an hour or two after?

Stuck with which markets would suit you? Or even which markets would fit your time span?

Wait....You don't think play time should effect your market choice??

Lets discuss....

Wednesday, May 18

A week in Gold, Video of the week 1!

Hello Fellow gold lovers, here is another weeks Round up of Gold-casts and Videos!

From now on each Wednesday(well most) im gonna post a "Video of the Week", so if you see a great video for gold making, or you make one then comment here, tell me on twitter @Gimpsgold or Email me via my Contact Page

Without Further ado here are the links...

Monday, May 16

The Truegold Experiment....Part 1!

Truegold, a nice way to make gold in wow, an item to stockpile for 4.2.0, but is there anything other than simply making it or selling that can make Truegold a bit more fun or interesting??

Over the next few weeks I'm gonna be trying my own little experiment with one pre-made Truegold bar, a Transmutation Master and a low server price for buying transmutes (20-30g usually on my server).

Wanna know what I'm up to keep reading.....

Sunday, May 15

Another Cool Meeting

Just a short post to tell you all that this weeks JMTC Meeting recording is up!

Thanks to everyone who attended as these meetings are always fun and informative.

Check out past podcasts in my previous post : Video Sneak Preview and Podcasts!

Saturday, May 14

Why do you want Gold?

Ok so today I wanna step to one side a little from "Serious" Gold making and look at a very simple question I want you all to ask before you decide how to make gold.

This simple question will always give you the next step for making gold.

The question is

"Why do I want gold?"

Video Sneak Peak and This weeks Podcasts!

Hey Dudes and Dudets, this is just a small post with a VERY rough and non-narrated preview of the Video Project I am currently working on, as well as some awesome podcasts released this week by some of my favourite Gold Bloggers

Sunday, May 8

Hitting my 1st Target and how I started!

So today I finally hit the 100k mark a few days short of my 1 month mark since I started gold making
What where my top sellers this week to help me hit this mark?

So I finally hit the 100k mark today, 

Friday, May 6

Take advantage of Remote Auction House App...while On-line

If you have the Remote AH app are you using it to its full potential while your at your computer?

Today I want to share a few little tricks I have picked up with this app

Before I go into my tips and tricks lets take a quick look at how the remote AH app works.

The Remote AH app allows players to access the AH while they are not On-line  Post Auctions, Collect Auction Sales, Cancel Auctions and Search and Buy from the AH.

Thursday, May 5

Blogging Directory on Power Word: Gold

This is just a quick post to point people in the direction of an awesome utility for gold making.

So I want to say a big thanks to Power Word: Gold for adding my blog to the gold bloggers directory, and take this chance to share this directory with all you guys.

So before I manage to ramble on for too much longer here's a direct link to Power Word: Gold's Blog Directory
An awesome database of Gold Bloggers, and Gold podcasts which I suggest anyone serious in making gold, or blogging about gold checks out.

As always Guys and Gals keep it simple and have fun


Wednesday, May 4

Icy Prisms...Profit potential?

Hey guys and gals today I'm going to look back at an old jewlcrafting craft in the form of Icy Prism

With some undocumented changes in 4.1.0 is there possibilities for decent profit on these???

All Adventures have to start somewhere...


So I've gone and done it, I've set up a blog, and now I have to write a first post.

Hmmmm... where to start?