Wednesday, September 25

My favorite Geeky Music Videos!

OK so I was gonna share a list of my top 5 "Geek" music parodies with mention of the makers etc, but then I realised my top 5 where all from the same Youtube group.

Friday, September 20

Random Hour of Hearthstone #1

So blizzard gave me a beta key for hearthstone, so I decided to stream an hours worth of me playing late at night :D Enjoy

Thursday, September 19

Return of the Gimp

So I kinda disappeared of the face of the earth, except for the occasional tweet and appearance in other peoples Twitch chats. But where did I go and why?

Sunday, February 12

Spying on the competition, Yes or No?

When it comes to business, Sales, and any other profiteering activity people always say "You gotta be one step ahead the competition" and "Know your enemy". I however think sometimes this isn't true, and I'm going to tell you why, before the world ends and everybody hunts me down for blasphemy...

Saturday, December 17

Glyphs....Inscription...HARD WORK!

Have you leveled Inscription?  Have you done the 79 (or thereabouts) days of Northrend and minor Glyph research to learn every glyph you can that way?  Have you purchased or farmed the 57 Books of Glyph Mastery?  Have you trained all 143 trainer glyphs and purchased the few you buy as a technique?  I have.  Those books, when you can find them are expensive.  Farming them is worse than the cost you might pay at the auction house.  I’ve endured a bit of metaphorical pain to know every glyph that’s out there.