Sunday, September 11

Routines, To-do lists and combining jobs.

Whether you have all day or a few hours to make gold, a basic routine can increase efficiency. This allows for more time to play the game away from just gold making (not that doing all gold making isn't fun sometimes :P). So how can I create a virtual, memorable to-do list and combine jobs within it?

So everyday I log onto WOW I will have around 5-6 daily cool downs or quests that need to be done, mail to collect, as well as auctions to cancel and repost. Now considering how many characters I have and how many different cool downs they have this can sometimes be a bit confusing and time-consuming, due to jumping back and forward from chars.

However in patch 4.2 Blizzard gave us an amazing little gift for this:
The order in which characters are listed at the Character Selection screen can now be rearranged and saved.

When this was first announced I was excited to re-order my chars in Level order to satisfy my need for order. But when 4.2 Hit I realised that I tended to log into characters repeatedly due to checking daily cool downs and quests before then logging onto my auction characters. So I found myself naturally moving characters in the log in screen into the order I used their cool downs. This eventually created a virtual to-do list for me to follow.

So why do I suggest this to players as a gold tip?

Simple, time is money! The more time you spend jumping characters and playing about the less time you have to make gold, plus if you forget a cooldown you are losing potential gold!

So by getting into a routine you are maximizing your efficiency and minimising your chance to miss out on a simple profit made from transmutes and the like.

By expanding this daily routine to a weekly one you can also incorporate other activities you do to earn gold such as Raid running and Farming.

So sit down and think to yourself are there things I do on a daily/weekly/monthly basis to earn gold and can I combine them to maximise efficiency and save time using a routine.

Good Examples of combined activities I have incorporated into my weekly routine are vendor bought item sales. I often sell patterns brought from Outland Vendors, and I also found myself regularly running Hellfire Ramparts to gather Neatherweave cloth and some greens for disenchanting (I will have a great video for a 4 min clear coming up for this). I found I tended to do this once a week to stock up on cloth and patterns so I combined this into a single job and put it on my weekly to do list. This means I never forget to grab the patterns and I also do 2 things whilst I'm in Outland.

So over time see if you can maximise your efficiently, make a simple routine and follow it to allow you a lot more free time to enjoy them game the way you like to.

I challenge you to do a week with a routine and a week without and see how much more spare time you have in the week you stick to a routine. Let me know how this works for you, and tell me how you come up with your routine and what jobs you combine together in the comments below.

I look forward to hearing your stories



  1. Good tip. Guess it's time to re-arrange my toon list again. Now if we could only get someone to write a GTD addon for Wow, that would make everything really great.

  2. After I Google it, I think GTD is "getting things done ", and great pots there, we just need to organize, I will make my routine and then try it, and I will come back here and tell you how it went.