Friday, November 11

Working together...

So as anyone who has read my earlier posts knows I love giving out a bit of link love to other bloggers and resources. But how has this helpped...

So lately I've been spending an increased amount of time on IRC (Internet Relay Chat), mainly speaking to other gold makers and bloggers. The reason for this is the feeling of community, and help that you get from a certain group of players. This group being "The Consortium" who I reccommend you all go check out!

In fact I want you guys to realise how good this site is so much I've put my latest effort post wise into a guide on the consortium! So if you want get a full Gimp post, you'll have to head over to there forums and check it out :P

Thats all well and good gimp! But where have all your posts been??

Ok guys, I know I've failed at posts lately, but there is some reasons for this, and some great reasons for myself and you guys:

  1. I've been gathering nearly 700Gb of video footage to release a video series for you guys :D

  2. I've been working lots more as I'm training for a promotion, which once I get means ill have more free time to blog and theories gold strats :D

So please bare with me and I promise that posting will re-commence in full strength soon.

If you have any questions, ideas or anything else you'd like to chat about hit me up an email at or on twitter @GimpsGold

Talk to you all soon

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