Saturday, December 17

Glyphs....Inscription...HARD WORK!

Have you leveled Inscription?  Have you done the 79 (or thereabouts) days of Northrend and minor Glyph research to learn every glyph you can that way?  Have you purchased or farmed the 57 Books of Glyph Mastery?  Have you trained all 143 trainer glyphs and purchased the few you buy as a technique?  I have.  Those books, when you can find them are expensive.  Farming them is worse than the cost you might pay at the auction house.  I’ve endured a bit of metaphorical pain to know every glyph that’s out there.

Ok so as many of you may or may not know im not a huge fan of glyphs due to the time it takes me to deal with them cutting into my already low play time.  However I do know the huge potential for profit within this market. I have knowledge of the market and the amount of work it takes to do well in it.

But one blogger knows the market much better than I, Totec of the Dark Tuesday blog is currently aiming for gold cap doing nothing but glyphs!

I've become friends with Toltec and I wanna share his blog with you guys as his insights and ideas/methods for dealing with glyphs and competitors highly rival that of many of the bloggers out there!
So head over to and read some of the great posts!!



  1. I know that dude!
    Thx for the (more than) mention!

  2. your more than welcome fella!

  3. Actually..... I've now hit the cap I'm happy to report!