Thursday, June 16

Goldcast Round-up and Video Of the WEEK!

This week sees a lot of great new episodes of Goldcasts, and some changes to some of my favorites.

I'm gonna share the Goldcasts I listen to, aswell as My Video Of The Week

Without further ado....

This weeks non-Gold related "Wowcast Pick" comes from the Heartcast crew. HearthCast is a great social wow podcast, hosted by Rewt and Freckleface.

This Episode talks about when it is right to leave a guild - HeartCast Episode #75: How To Know When To Leave A Guild

I highly suggest that if you like listening to casts about WoW, and enjoy the social side of WoW then you should check Hearthcast out!

This Weeks Video of the Week comes from Sinshroud of the Consortium Forums, This Video shows a great route for limited supply items within Dalaran!


To follow Sinshroud on twitter click his name to go to his page

Keep it simple lasses and lads
and remember have fun

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  1. Thanks for the mention! Gotta get Wes out of his dang training for his new job, so we can record another episode! Auction House Junkies need their next fix. It has been tooo long.