Monday, June 6

Gimps Golden Addons: #2 Enchantrix Automation (Prospecting/Milling made

Gimps Golden Addons: #2 Enchantrix Automation looks at making the life of a gold maker a little easier.

Although Jewlcrafting, Inscription and Enchanting can be some of the most profitable professions sometimes the milling/prospecting/disenchanting can be tedious and time consuming and Enchantrix makes life just that little bit easier.


In order for Enchantrix to work it requires some secondary libraries and other dependancies, so I suggest downloading the whole Auctioneer Suite and then re-downloading Enchantrix separately afterwards obtaining the Beta version rather than release as at the time of writing this post (and recording the video) the release version of Enchantrix did not recognize Cata level items.

To see what other Addons I use check out my Addon Overiew post where I give an overview of most of my addons, and also check out my First ever post where I talk about the Altaholic Addon.

For more Videos check out my Videos page(COMING SOON TO NEW SITE for now checkout my youtube page for videos I like) where I have a great choice of my favorite videos from other bloggers and guides.

Along with this post I am going to start a new tradition and at the end of each post I will give a small gold tip, and a Post of the Day where I will share a quick tip and a link to a great post from a fellow blogger.


Utilize Trade Chat when selling High value items, Either to skip AH cuts, or to create a buzz for items you have on the AH!


Todays post comes from Alto of Alto's Goldish Advise and it is his post "How To for finding a farmer on your server"

keep it simple Guys and Girls, and remember have fun!


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