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Back2Basics: Part 2 Crafting Conversions - Enchanting

Betty Basic

Some ideas and methods are so fundamentally basic we neglect them or assume them redundant after more advanced ideas come along. However we sometimes need to return to these ideas and go Back2Basics 

So in Part 1 of Back2Basicswe spoke about "Conversions" and looked at the basic conversions of elementals and Essences, In Part 2 we are going to look at "Crafting Conversions"

So when looking at Crafting professions there are some very basic ideas to "Convert" one item to another with a single step (or 2 in the case of Inscription, I know I said 1 step only in the 1st post but let me have this one inconsistency? please? it will be our little secret)

First up for Crafting conversions is...

Unlike the basic conversion of Essences as explained in Back2Bacis Part 1, alot of "Shard" conversions require enchanting itself to carry out. During Vanilla there was no way to convert Small shards into Large ones, however with the release of The Burning Crusade blizzard added the ability to Transfer shards and even Shatter them.

As-well as the standard Shard conversions there is also another additional shatter, in the form of Abyssal Shatter which allows for the shattering of Abyss Crystals into either 7-10 Infinite Dust or 2-6 Greater Cosmic Essence

So with the use of a little math we can again make money using the AH to buy one item, convert it and re-sell at a profit. Example 1

Small Heavenly Shard and Heavenly Shard, the Small shards are 10 Gold  each, and the Large are 65g each. So if I do the basic math I can see that 3 small shards would cost me 30 Gold, and could be turned into a Large worth 65g.

Small Heavenly Shard  X   3  =  30 Gold -

Heavenly Shard           X   1  =  65 Gold

Profit Potential                          35  Gold

Tip Of The Day - High Value items are usually worth selling in /2 to avoid Ah Cuts.

Post Of The Day - Todays post reccomendation is from Faid of NerfFaids and the post talks about transferring items X-faction (link)

Keep it simple Boys and Girls and have fun


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