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Back2Basics: Vendor Trade-Ins

Some ideas and methods are so fundamentally basic we neglect them or assume them redundant after more advanced ideas come along. However we sometimes need to return to these ideas and go “Back2Basics

This time we look at items that can be traded-in via vendors for more profitable items.

Many vendors within game trade in items rather than currency allowing you to swap leathers, shards and other items for recipes , elemental/Volatiles/Essences and other useful items.

Sometime it can be rather profitable to take an item you have already or purchase from the auction house, trade it in for a second item and sell it at a much higher price.

Lets take a look at some of the possible items and there costs.



At the moment there are two levels or tiers of vendors that have useful Leatherworking trade-ins, these being Wrath and Cataclysm level items.

The Wrath level items can be obtained within Dalaran by talking to Braeg Stoutbeard. The items in question are Arctic Furs.

10 Heavy Borean Leather can be traded-in for 1 Arctic Fur , when looking at making profit from this trade-in you can also consider using lower tiered Borean Leather to obtain the Heavy Borean Leather if you have access to a Leatherworker.

5 Borean Leather Scraps --> 1 Borean Leather

Borean Leather -- > 1  Heavy Borean Leather

Therefore 300 Borean Leather Scraps or 60 Borean Leather can also be used to obtain 1 Arctic Fur

The Math

So when we wish to calculate profit use the following formula

Arctic Fur Price - (10*Heavy Borean Leather Price) = Profit


Arctic Fur Price - (60* Borean Leather Price) = Profit


Arctic Fur Price - (300* Borean Leather Scraps Price) = Profit

So if your current Arctic Fur price is 200g each and Heavy Borean Leather is 12g each then:

200 - (10*12) = 200-120 = 80g Profit.

The Cataclysm level items can be obtained from the Leatherworking Supplies Vendor in any major city or Twilight Highlands. The item we are interested in from these vendors is Pristine Hides.

10 Heavy Savage Leather can be traded for 1 Pristine Hide, ad just like Arctic Fur you can also consider lower leathers via Leatherwokring to obtain the Pristine Hide.

Savage Leather Scraps --> 1 Savage Leather

5 Savage Leather --> 1 Heavy Savage Leather

Meaning that 250 Savage Leather Scraps or 50 Savage Leather can also be used to buy Pristine Hide if you have access to Leatherworking.

The Math

Pristine Hide Price - (10*Heavy Savage Leather Price) = Profit


Pristine Hide Price - (50*Savage Leather Price) = Profit


Pristine Hide Price - (250*Savage Leather Scraps Price) = Profit

So if  the current AH price for Pristine Hide was 500g and  Savage Leather 7g then:

500 - (50*7) = 500 - 350 = 150g Potential Profit

The Second type of vendor to consider is the Frozen Orb vendor Frozo the Renowned. Frozo trades many different items of use for Frozen Orbs:

1 Frost Lotus --> 1 Frozen Orb

1 Eternal Water --> 1 Frozen Orb

1 Eternal Shadow --> 1 Frozen Orb

1 Eternal Life --> 1 Frozen Orb

1 Eternal Fire --> 1 Frozen Orb

1 Eternal Earth --> 1 Frozen Orb

1 Eternal Air --> 1 Frozen Orb

1 Runed Orb --> 4 Frozen Orb

1 Crusader Orb --> 6 Frozen Orb

Generally Speaking the Runed Orb and Crusader Orb are very rarely need at the moment, and the demand for them is usually low, however with the upcoming changes in-game and the insertion of Transmogrification there is a slight possibility that the demand for them my return (however it is not something I will personally be investing in). However the Elementals are often very useful for many players levelling professions and often a very simple way to make profit by purchasing Frozen Orbs and then swapping them to Eternals.

So if you're looking for a simple way to make a few gold now and then to boost a new characters profits, or to obtain some starting gold then these vendor trade-ins can be a great way to do so. if Leatherworking is one of your professions then the Leatherworking vendors can also be a great way to boost profits made from buying low leathers and crafting them into higher ones used for trading.

If I have missed a vendor that you use, or an item that fit into this post then let me know in the comments below. Do you use these vendors to make gold? if so how has it helped you profit wise? I want to know about your experiences

As always keep it simple and make sure to have Fun









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