Thursday, September 19

Return of the Gimp

So I kinda disappeared of the face of the earth, except for the occasional tweet and appearance in other peoples Twitch chats. But where did I go and why?

Real Life

So in April I transferred position within my job and as so gained a partial promotion and ALOT more hours, this meant that although I still had plenty of time to myself, I wasn't as adept at using it to the fullest as it was new to me.

Along side starting this new position I had also taken up a Degree Course, in my spare time working towards a degree in Computer Games Design, to go along with my current Degree in Development.

All in all this meant my free time was usually...well taken up and not so free. However I have become accustom to the working hours, made good progress within my course (95% on my latest tests) and felt it was about time I got back into Blogging.

Dot com disappearance!

Ok so as the keen eyed (and non-keen eyed) may have notice this post is not on, but instead back on my old Blogger domain. This is due to a lack of RL funds, and if I'm honest a lack of necessity. Blogger is a great host for my blog and although the ".com" was great to have, it was in my opinion a luxury!

So I decided Blogger would be my home, but I also decided to change the way my blog works. I doubt I'll have a great following after my disappearance, and I'm sure (unfortunately) the changes I have in mind will alienate some others also, but please know that if I don't write with passion and interest I won't write at all!


So if you look at the top of any page on my blog you should see this menu bar:
As you can see there us now 6 links, Home and contact me being self explanatory.
This leaves 4 other headings, and these headings correspond to the 4 new style of blog posts I will be posting.

Gold Posts - Being anything related to WOW Gold, tips, tricks, techniques, guides, sales updates, milestones etc etc. So if gold is the only thing you are interested in from myself, then I suggest adding that link specifically to your favourites rather than my home page.

Gaming - This section will have any non-gold gaming posts I intend to write, which my be Warcarft related, but also may include anything I deem related to gaming news, reviews, my playing experiences etc.

I R L - This section will include updates about my Real Life endeavours, be it updates on my success or failure withing my degree course, the future of my career within the games industry, my health, TV, Music or just something I want to share or express in writing. (for examples of this check out my old IRL Blog [all 2 posts of it] at

VIDEO/STREAMS - This section is a little different as it will sometimes overlap with the other 3 sections, but this is where you can go to learn about any streams/videos I make, as well as me discussing other streams, or videos I have enjoyed (mainly gaming orientated)

The Gold Community!

You might also notice a little scrolling section at the top of the page called "Gold Community" now I've always been one for sharing people I enjoy, and other people involved in the community of "WOW Gold Making" and this is essentially my "Blog Roll" however my "Blogger" blog roll is VERY old so I have probably missed a lot of people and I apologies, but I want to add everyone possible to this section!

So if you have a blog, a site, a stream, anything Gold related PLEASE PLEASE contact me, tweet me, email me, comment on this post with your links and a little pic so I can add you to the section.

The future....

In the past I have promised X posts in Y time, and I have been very bad at keeping these promises, so this time I will simply say, I will write when I write, however!! I am always willing to discuss anything Gold, or gaming related via e-mail, twitter, or anywhere you see me, streamers chats, in-game etc. So If you want my opinion on anything just ask.

Anyways my Beta Key for hearthstone has arrived, and 5.4 is in full swing so I'm heading back to the games to make gold and enjoy myself.


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