Wednesday, September 25

My favorite Geeky Music Videos!

OK so I was gonna share a list of my top 5 "Geek" music parodies with mention of the makers etc, but then I realised my top 5 where all from the same Youtube group.

How can this be!!!?!?!

Take 5 awesome dudes, throw in some cameos from some of thier amazing, and sometimes Sexy as hell friends and you have my number one parody channel!

The Channel being: The Warp Zone

The guys have covered everything from Batman to Lord of The Rings to Halo. The reason I love them the most though is the fact that they take songs from bands I'd usually hate! and I mean HATE and have me whistling the tune to myself all day. I spent my last shift at work whistling the tune from One Directions One Thing!


So check them out guys you'll enjoy the references and fun as much as me I hope!

I hope you all enjoy this as much as me!


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