Wednesday, May 4

All Adventures have to start somewhere...


So I've gone and done it, I've set up a blog, and now I have to write a first post.

Hmmmm... where to start?

So I'm Gimp, I'm a 24 Year old wow player who has been playing on the Eu realms since release. I started my wow career as a PVE player hitting my stride in vanilla and the burning crusade, where i Killed most bosses.

During wrath and now cataclysm i didn't find the same enjoyment in raiding and started playing alts and messing about with achievements. it was this achievement hunting that created a need for gold, i wanted mounts and pets but did not have the gold to buy them, a similar story to many gold makers i am sure. so with my multiple characters and professions i started churning out some basic stuff to sell, a few Gems here, the occasional BOE Epic there and this continued until i stumbled upon Just My Two Copper.

This is where my true Golden Adventure began, after reading through multiple posts and checking out the forum i was hooked on the idea of turning gold making into a Mini-game of its own. I probably spent about 5-6 hours listening to the weekly gold meeting podcasts, and reading though as many other Gold Blogs as i could find, My favorite at this point being Altos Goldish Advise (who's guide I have personally purchased and would recommend greatly)

So that was it, I wanted to become a gold maker, so I logged into wow and assessed my characters, now this is where I'm going to give my first simple tip!

"Know your Characters, Keep Record of your Account!"

So i logged into wow and straight away i was looking at my character screen and didn't know where to start, so i took a breath and had a little think, which led me to the conclusion that i needed to know what materials, crafts and other potential gold makers i had on my account. So I searched online for a few addons to help me with this, my salvation was found in the form of Altoholic!

Download link : Altoholic

Many other bloggers and guides out there usually start with Auctioneer, or Auctionator or another Auction based addon to set you on your gold making ways. But I'm going to suggest something a little different, and I hope I'm not stepping on any toes but this is just my suggestion of a good starting point before hitting the crafting and selling guides.

So download Altoholic, log into wow and log each character on your server (from your level 85 main all the way to your level 1 bank mule sitting in SW). When you log them follow the steps below

Step 1 : Open all bags
Step 2: Open Bank
Step 3: Load each professions tab (Primary and secondary)
Step 4:Open Auction house window (if you have auctions currently running)

Now once you have done this on all your chars you will have a hand little database of information about all your characters.

Now a wall of text explaining Altoholic is probably going to bore most people so instead here is a video from Coldwing Gaming


Ok so this concludes this rather long first post and i hope its useful to starters. I will return with some more in-depth tips and tricks soon.

Keep its Simple and fun people till next time


  1. Welcome to the show! I'm new myself.

  2. Hello there, EU golgblogger!Nice to see people from our region.Good luck.I'll follow you on twitter.