Wednesday, May 18

A week in Gold, Video of the week 1!

Hello Fellow gold lovers, here is another weeks Round up of Gold-casts and Videos!

From now on each Wednesday(well most) im gonna post a "Video of the Week", so if you see a great video for gold making, or you make one then comment here, tell me on twitter @Gimpsgold or Email me via my Contact Page

Without Further ado here are the links...

Ok so starting out this week we have The JMTC Weekly Gold Meeting This week i attended again and we spoke about some great topics including my Truegold Experiment, but the biggest reason to check this weeks meeting out was a surprise special guest who hopped on during the meeting!

Markco the original creator of JMTC, and the 20kLevelingguide Author!

Second up this week is a new Podcast for me, it's a semi-gold podcasts with parts gold making and parts general wow info.

It is The Mana Cooler, this is a new find for me and a great listen. Check out this weeks episode below, and go to the website for past posts

Second up this week is Power Word: Golds 9th Podcast With special guest this week Nev from Auction House Addict, This week they had a great show with topics ranging from Gold tips to gold blogging, and my favourite topic "Does not having gold Cap make your info less reliable?"


Ok this weeks video of the week comes from Faid of Nerf Faids Gold Blog. Faid has started a new series of videos that doesn't look at hardcore gold making tips but instead gives players way to pick up a little extra gold when doing other WoW quests/dailies etc.

So Check out WoW Gold Rush


So Lads and Ladies I hope you enjoy these Podcasts and Videos
Until next time keep it simple and have fun



  1. Oh and for anyone listening to Power Word: Gold podcast, I am Very much Male, and as Nev guesses I am from just outside north London (well done Nev :) )

  2. Thanks for the mention Gimp :) It was easy to recognise your accent - many people around me speak similarly although I'm more east than north of London.If you run out of gold podcasts, wow insider does a weekly roundup of wow podcasts - so far I've been enjoying Twisted Nether, All Things Azeroth & Girls Gone Wow (UK based).