Wednesday, May 4

Icy Prisms...Profit potential?

Hey guys and gals today I'm going to look back at an old jewlcrafting craft in the form of Icy Prism

With some undocumented changes in 4.1.0 is there possibilities for decent profit on these???

So Hidden changes to the prism where made in 4.1.0, the 24 hour cooldown has been removed, however most people have not noticed this as when you craft on of the prisms a "Cooldown:" marker appears on the craft. However the second you loot your current prism this cooldown disappears allowing you to craft a second prism.

Now the prism takes a small number of jewels to craft which on some servers are incredibly cheap

Frozen Orbx 1

Chalcedony x 1
Shadow Crystal x 1
Dark Jade x 1

When the prism is looted it has the following loot table

Where up to 3 gems are looted from each prism, with the highest drop rates being Rare gems.

"So how will this make me profit?" I hear you all ask

well this is where a little math and research on the AH comes in.

Ok so first things first you have two options to obtain the materials for the prism:

  1. Buy them directly from the AH

  2. Prospect Saronite (Using the unneeded uncommon gems to shuffle Enchanting materials)

(Alternative you may have some of these materials already on your account, hidden in alts bank. for help with finding mats quick check my first post about the addond Altoholic here : All Adventures Have To Start Somewhere)

Now for the sake of argument and to keep my estimates for profit clearer I will assume that we will be buying the materials directly from the AH, and selling the Raw gems directly back to the AH uncut.

So lets say Frozen orbs are 10g, and the gems are around 3g each. This means the Icy Prism has a crafting cost of 19g.

Now on my AH the prices for the loot table are as follows:

Now this is simple maths to me, worse case scenario i get Forest Emerald x 3 and im left with 30g, best case scnario I get Dragon's Eye and a couple couple Epic gems and I have earnt between 100-200g now thats a big win!

However Don't Over do it! - The market price of these gems is high because the supply is low but the demand is high due to alts leveling through outlands and northrend. Keep the amount on the AH at one time low and the prices will hold!

Now make sure to do the math before you start mass buying the materials for the prisms, and start of small to test the market, there is no point investing thousands of gold into this or even hundreds if there is no market on your particular server.

Keep it simple and have fun guys and gals


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  1. Great post. I've loved this change and have gotten re-acquainted with some Saronite shuffling skill in the process. Dragon's Eye are my best sellers so far but also cut LK rare reds have been selling as well. I hope people keep putting up cheap LK uncommons i need for Icy Prism.Also grats on the new blog! I've added it to the World Of Warcraft Gold Blog Directory and look forward to reading future posts. -flux (from Power Word: Gold)