Monday, May 16

The Truegold Experiment....Part 1!

Truegold, a nice way to make gold in wow, an item to stockpile for 4.2.0, but is there anything other than simply making it or selling that can make Truegold a bit more fun or interesting??

Over the next few weeks I'm gonna be trying my own little experiment with one pre-made Truegold bar, a Transmutation Master and a low server price for buying transmutes (20-30g usually on my server).

Wanna know what I'm up to keep reading.....

Ok so I'm gonna apologise in advance but this is gonna get a little bit wordy and may confuse some people, but I invite anyone who doesn't follow to ask as many questions as they like via-email on my contact me page, or by adding a comment at the end of this page.

I look at trade chat daily on my server and I have noticed the price to buy transmutes is very very cheap, at 20-30g. I also looked at the price of Truegold(450g), or the materials to make it(usually around 200-300g depending on the time of day and day of the week). This gave me a little idea that I've decided to test out over a three week period as a little experiment.

The Theory:

Truegold                  3  X Pyrium Bar
10 X Volatile Fire
10 X Volatile Air
10 X Volatile Water

Day 1, I start with one pre-made Bar, I give a shout into trade and find a buyer, I trade them the pre-made bar in exchange for the materials and a fee (averages 20-30g on my server so ill say 25g)

This leaves me at the end of Day 1 with 25g profit and the materials to do another transmute. Now its just a case of waiting for midnight, so time to sleep (or do other stuff i suppose :P)

This leaves me at the end of Day 2 with 100g (25g from Day 1, 75g from Day 2) and the materials to make 3 more bars.Day 2 Ok so its Day 2, I have my materials so lets do a Transmute and I get a 3 proc, this means I now have 3 Truegold Bars. So I bark in trade that I'm selling my Transmute again, this time however I do it 3 times (I suggest anyone following this method uses different characters for each bars sale). Again selling each bar for the materials for a new one and a fee of 25g.

Ok so the idea of this experiment is that I follow this theory for 2-3 weeks stockpiling all the additional materials left over after each day. This is what I will be doing now for a few weeks, aiming to stop about 1 week before 4.2 is released (so as soon as its release is announced)

At the End:

This will leave me with multiple options once 4.2.0 hits when crafting goods should see a rise in price due to new patterns (Check out Bangkok Bill's 4.2 Reciepe Blog Post for great details on 4.2)

Option 1
Just before the patch while the transmute costs is still down Bark constantly to get all the materials I have stockpiled transmuted into bars. The great thing about this is that every transmute is already paid for by the person who gave me the materials in exchange for my "Transmute" during the initial stages, and sell the bars for a massive profit!

Option 2
Same as option 1 but I will use the bars to craft new BOE items at a rate hopefully no one else will be able to compete with!

Option 3
Don't transmute the materials but instead sell them as the raw article, with the majority of the new recipes using Volatiles, the prices on these items should rocket high on patch release as demand outstrips supply very quickly, and the Pyrium bars will be needed by people needing to transmute their own Truegold.

Option 4
The other option is to combine all my different professions and use the materials in a diversified way:

Blacksmithing - Make new BOE items (4.2 PTR Blacksmithing patterns) or make belt buckles for the new items.

Engineering - Make new Scopes (Flintlocke's Woodchucker) or Guns (Extreme-Impact Hole Puncher)

Inscription - Make new Relics (Blood Thirsty Charm of Triumph , Bloodthirsty Eyeball of Dominance , Bloodthirsty Jawbone of Conquest)

Jewlcrafting - Make new Rings and Necks (4.2 PTR Jewlcrafting patterns)

Leatherworking - Make new Items or Mining Bag (4.2 PTR Leatherworking patterns), or Leg Armors for the new crafted legs.

Tailoring - Make new Items (4.2 PTR Tailoring patterns), Dreamcloth, and Leg Threads for the new crafted legs.

I personally have two Transmute specced alchemists to run this with and will be keeping track of my materials totals using the Altoholic addon which I spoke about in my First post.Ok so the thinking is over (thank god my brains starting to hurt) and its time for me to go and experiment, I will post updates on the site when I feel it is necessary, and adding more regular updates on Twitter, where you can follow me @Gimpsgold and all Truegold updates will have the #TruegoldExperiment tag.

So as always Ladies and Gentlemen  Keep it simple (in game anyways :D ) and most of all HAVE FUN


PS - I spoke about this more in this weeks JMTC Weekly Meeting which you can find a link to in my earlier post.


  1. WoW Gimp this is amazing I might have to do something similar. But instead of stocking the mats I think I would make the transmute after the trade and hold on to the bars and just sell the bars on the ah when the patch hits. Think about this I am oppose to flooding the ah but in this instances you could make a killing if you are not crafting the items yourself. So I would post every single bar you have and watch the sales come in because you know everyone is going to want the new items. Just my two coppers worth. Either way I think you will profit while still gaining profit from selling your transmute.

  2. This is a fun project for me as it will let me see what the maths behind transmuting actually is as I'm gonna be recording it. Plus I get to make win :DIn a bad Goblin way I don't even care how much profit I make as long as I learn some cool stuff to share

  3. Good luck and may your experiment be very successful. I'm gonna start piling up the volatiles as well.

  4. Hey BigNick and thanks,Girls and Guys check out nicks blog too over at has just started but he has been around on JMTC and other sources and knows his stuff!

  5. What will you do when a player asks you to do the transmute right there and also wants you to put them in a group so they can see if you proc extras and want those extras?I guess I'm at the point where I can just pick up mats when they're cheap and simply switch my alchemists all to Truegold for as long as I want and just keep the procs. I like to be self sufficient.

  6. Simple, not sell it to them move on and find a new buyer if they don't wanna do it.yes I could be totally self sufficent, but this is an experiment, not a true 100% make gold method. I wanna try new things out and experiment with a mechanic that I believe others just stick to the lazy ideas with :D