Wednesday, May 25

A week in Gold, Video of the week #2 - Its all a gone Gimp

Hello Fellow gold lovers, its Wednesday and therefore means its time for this weeks Round up of Gold-casts and Videos, I warn you this week seems very Gimp :P

This weeks videos will be added to the Video Page later today on the site Gimps Golden Adventure. As always if you see a great video for gold making, or you make one then comment here, tell me on twitter @Gimpsgold or Email me via my Contacts Page.

Without Further ado here are the links...

Addicted 2 Azeroth - Episode 5 this week the guys talk about the end of the world, changes incoming with 4.2 and the discussion is joined by Special Guests Flux from Power Word: Gold and Me Gimp from Gimps Golden Adventure. Hosted this week by @DOLLADA06@Altosgold and Chris.

Power Word: Gold Podcast - Episode 10 of Flux and Jokinee has great subjects this week (with some special adverts from the lovely Nev of AH Addict) and guess what guest starting...You guest it Me Gimp

Auction House Junkies - Episode 9 Cold and Wes talk about things since 4.1 hit, being gold capped, and a QA with a question from...yes you guessed it again Me Gimp


The Mana Cooler - Episode 92 GeorgeWow picks up on Guild Perks and Finding a rare recipe in a random place.

Your browser does not support the audio element.

Non-gold podcast i wanna introduce you all too Girls Gone WOW a lovely listen. I suggest you all go check out the site at and let me know what you think of them, you can also follow them on twitter @GGWShow

This weeks video is for the players who like to farm, yes I know the word farm is a dirty dirty word to some gold makers, but for those of you who do enjoy being self sufficient, or just farming while you watch a film this weeks video is for you.

This weeks video comes from a brilliant site for the more casual gold maker where using your professions efficiently is the key.


Check out Taruo's past guides and check out this weeks VIDEO OF THE WEEK!

Keep it Simple Guys and Gals and have Fun


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