Saturday, May 14

Video Sneak Peak and This weeks Podcasts!

Hey Dudes and Dudets, this is just a small post with a VERY rough and non-narrated preview of the Video Project I am currently working on, as well as some awesome podcasts released this week by some of my favourite Gold Bloggers

I want to apologise for the lack of posts, I have had a couple of job interviews and thrown together with my current job this has given me very little time to give you guys the posts you deserve.

I promise that there will be a couple of posts up over the next few days so please stick with me.

I also wanna point you guys to a couple of awesome Podcasts that have been released this week so check them out:



Power Word: Gold - Ep08 Flux, Jokine and Guest Star Faid (From NerfFaids)

Enjoy these amazing podcasts and as always Fellas and Females

Keep it simple and have fun



  1. Video us looking promising. I'd say make the map indicators text a n indicators a bit larger and beware if using copyrighted music in your video as YouTube may make you take it down or they will remove the audio (based on what the songs rights holder tells them to do). Personally I don't take the risk. I make my own music in GarageBand but there is also rights-free music, public domain classical and music licensed under certain Creative Commons licenses.I can't wait to see the finished product.

  2. tbh I stuck a song on that I liked listening to for the preview lol, the final video will have a instrumental only song probably so I can narrate over it easier :Dthanks for the video editing tip the software is awesome!